Revolution Cycling is a uniquely conceived coaching company focused on female cyclists. Stirred by our own enthusiasm for cycling, motivated by increasing numbers of women cyclists and the boom in women’s road racing, we decided to design a bespoke coaching service dedicated to female cyclists.

We recognise that the cycling scene can feel quite daunting; whether you are just starting out or taking on your next competitive challenge, magnified as a woman in a largely male sport. However as experienced and networked cycling coaches we understand what it takes to help you become the best road cyclist you can be; confident, fitter, healthier and conditioned for success.

At Revolution we look ‘at and beyond the science’ and are closely connected to the changing landscape of women’s cycling. We address all aspects of health, fitness and cycling performance and have an in depth knowledge of women’s needs ranging from anatomy, psychology, equipment, nutrition and clothing to a detailed understanding of the women’s national road racing scene.

Our unique blend of cycle coaching, personal training, nutrition and weight management combined with strength, conditioning and flexibility expertise can be tailored to your specific needs. Three reasons to work with us at Revolution Cycling:

Your training plan is designed specifically for you: First of all we listen to you; to understand your needs, goals and ambition. Revolution Cycling provides the experience and expertise to build technical, tactical, physiological and psychological training and support programmes designed to realise your full potential

Training time is precious: It takes significant time to put together a detailed daily, weekly, monthly or annual training plan to help you be your best. Revolution Cycling constructs specific training programmes to help you train efficiently while maximising your time in the saddle – a wise investment freeing up more of your busy time

A coach and a motivator: Cycle training can be a solitary experience, but our Revolution coaches make training fun, providing a partner to discuss ideas, make objective decisions, help you stay focused on your priorities, provide feedback, commiserate and celebrate.

Meet the Team

Kerry Bircher, Head Coach at Revolution Cycling

kerryKerry is an enthusiastic and inspiring personal trainer and cycling coach. Combining her enjoyment for fitness and in particular road cycling with qualifications and interests in health, exercise, nutrition, physiology and psychology provides clients with a unique and professional coaching service.

Kerry has a BSc in Biology and is a registered personal trainer, teaches a wide range of exercise classes, a qualified cycle coach through British Cycling and the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC) as well as an expert in postural correction. Most recently Kerry has combined all her skills and completed the CycleFit Precision Fit (bike fitting course) enabling her to offer a full bike fit service, or simply help advise you on how the right fit can increase your power and leverage your strengths as a cyclist.

Kerry’s coaching career evolved from her passion for all things related to fitness, giving up a career in Pharmaceutical Marketing to provide women with the opportunity to get fitter, healthier and become more confident as cyclists.

In her own right, Kerry is an accomplished runner, having successfully competed in Marathons and half Marathons before becoming a road cycling ‘convert’ via Duathlons. Since taking up cycling Kerry has enjoyed cycling LEJOG (Lands End to John ‘o’ Groats’, completing epic sportives, time trials, and occasional road races.  Kerry is a founding committee member of Cranleigh Cycling Club and Cranleigh Go-Ride (kids club), responsible for training and development, and leads regular rides each week. Kerry is a former member of the Board of Directors for British Cycling; South East region, and is an training partner for Human Race writing the training programmes for the hugely successful women only sportive, ‘Cycletta’ series.

I went to Kerry as I needed someone to help me navigate the complicated world of road cycling in preparation for the Ride London 100. I only gave her 6 weeks and in that time she worked miracles! From the basic ‘how to stay on your road bike with clip ons’ through to cycling etiquette and a pretty brutal training programme that actually helped get me to the start line and survive the actual event! The weather was horrendous, but I honestly don’t think I could have made it through without Kerry’s invaluable help and support. She was strict when she needed to be, kept me on track, managed to make sure I didn’t look like a complete idiot amidst a lot of scary cyclists – and when the chips were down and I was struggling – kept me on track and motivated.
I couldn’t recommend her more highly if you need someone professional to help you through a challenge.

Diana, August 2014

Holly Seear
Revolution Cycling Coach

Holly has a passion for fitness, training and racing. In recent years she has competed in Road Races (currently racing for Twickenham CC as a CAT 2), Time Trials, Track (indoor, outdoor and grass), BMX, Sportives, Mountain Biking XC and Enduros. Holly has raced regionally and nationally and completed The Etape, Tour of Flanders, The Fred Whitton and Transalp, an eight day mountain bike stage race across the Alps covering 700km, with 22,000m of ascent, as well as numerous other events.

Holly believes in a balanced approach to training that takes into account the client’s lifestyle, availability, commitments and most importantly their goals. As a Personal Trainer and British Cycling Level 3 Coach (Road Racing and Time Trial) Holly is able to support riders fully, aswell as being a passionate coach with heaps of drive and enthusiasm to encourage riders to be the best that they can be.

In addition, Holly holds the British Cycling Mountain Bike Coaching Qualification as well as Mountain Bike Leader Qualification meaning that she can support riders across all disciplines, and as a National Standards Bikeability instructor Holly also teaches road confidence.

Read this great article about Holly: http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/coaching/article/coa20140203-A-moment-with-Holly-Seear-0

Holly is the motivating force behind our team’s cycling adventures. Over the years she has encouraged us to enter for races that we might not have considered, then helped us to realise that, not only can we finish them, but finish them well and even make the podium!

During races and training Holly is positive and supportive, getting the best out of us, whilst always having fun. Holly is the most organised person I know, maximising available time to fit in appropriate and effective training. She has always covered every eventuality and is prepared for anything.

Without Holly’s continued support and encouragement I wouldn’t be as fit and healthy as I am today. I always look forward to our training sessions together.”

Nicky, Windsor

Additional Support
Louise Field

louise_about_usLouise has always had a passion for health and fitness and has been working in the fitness industry for over 18 years.

Louise is very experienced in working with sporty individuals and athletes, during 2010-2011 Louise worked in Formula 1 with the Marussia F1 Racing team; here she looked after the nutritional and fitness needs of the race team to ensure optimum human performance throughout the racing season.

As a qualified nutritional therapist and fitness professional, Louise has worked in a variety of leisure facilities, private homes and corporate institutions; her fitness roles include studio management, teaching a wide range of group exercise classes, and personal training. As a nutritionist she provides nutrition seminars to GPs, physiotherapists, sports professionals and 1:2:1 nutritio & lifestyle consultations.

Revolution Cycling is very pleased to welcome Louise, who can bring an additional service and provide more in depth nutritional advice, to help you keep healthy, support and sustain your energy levels, promote recovery from training sessions, optimise your personal performance, avoid injury and ultimately support your training and competition with the latest know how in sports nutrition using both food and supplements.





“I had reached a plateau of relative fitness (or so I thought) before I met Kerry but lacked focus and consistency. Kerry pushed my strength and endurance to a whole new level without it being a toil – she completly changed my body shape! She kept our sessions varied and challenging. Kerry’s own athletic ability is inspirational and before long she had me out on the bike – again a whole new challenge – I hadn’t really cycled much even as a child but she held my hand as it were and continues to do so as I am not a very confident cyclist which means I haven’t given up. I regularly get out alone on my bike and I can hear her instructions in my head helping me along.”


“Kerry has been instrumental in teaching me the skills required to cycle in a group.  The encouragement and advice I have received from her has increased my fitness and strength which enabled me to really enjoy road cycling.  This has meant I have reduced my 20km time by nearly 10 minutes therefore improving my sprint triathlon times but more importantly I have changed my attitude to cycling, from being a chore to a source of enjoyment.”

‘Running out of time to get fit for the 100km Night Rider challenge in London, I contacted Kerry only six weeks before the event, feeling despondent and that it would not be possible even to take part. Kerry quickly worked out a training program, did a detailed bike fit and showed me how to ride a road bike. She taught me how to train in the most efficient way and how you can achieve a very marked improvement in a short time. She tailored the training to my needs and challenged me at just the right level. She is such an inspiration! I not only completed the event under my targeted time, but also to my surprise, loved it! Thank you Kerry, I would not have been able to do it without your help.’
June 2014