Okay, I'll admit it, I'm terrible at blogging!

I'm sure if you scroll back through the past blog posts you'll find somewhere that I committed to keeping it up to date (if I didn't then I meant to!) and I have been terrible at doing so. In my defence (spoiler alert - excuses incoming!) we've been sooooo busy with building and outfitting the cabins, soft and hard landscaping, finding suppliers, learning Spanish, discovering routes and even (finally) publishing the website. Bear with us as we blunder our way through the pass

Noticias Emocionantes

Or - Exciting News! Update from Spanish Laywers received this morning that, despite the lockdown currently in place in Spain, the sale is proceeding as planned and is due to complete on Thursday this week! So, by Friday we will be the official owners of the house in Spain and the future base for Revolution Cycling, BUT - we still can't get there! Hopefully, it won't be too much longer as we are starting to see the easing of some of the restrictions in Spain, perhaps another t

Rinse, Repeat and Relax

The last few days of the Easter Weekend have seen me start with something that I dread and have been putting off for far too long.........the dreaded Ramp Test. Let me start by explaining that the winter has, pretty much, been a training free zone - I spent a lot of time on the turbo trainer last year and was terrible at remembering to undertake a calibration on a regular basis (you know how it is, you just want to jump on and go!), so my 'understanding' of my own FTP was, we

80% @ 80%

Whilst many of us have more time on our hands during the current Pandemic it's tempting to make the most of it and get lots of hard rides in, but it's also important to remember that giving your body time to recover is just as, if not more, important than the training itself. When done right, Strenuous exercise causes micro tears in our muscles, that when we recover correctly it allows the body to repair itself and it's during this recovery time that we are actually getting f

Facebook Page Up and Running

Check put our new Facebook page - search for Revolution Cycling or tag us using @revolutioncyclingalmeria Hope to see you there soon!

Lock Down Continues - Use the time to boost your fitness

With the lock down continuing and, let's face it, there's no real indication of when it will be lifted - now is the time to focus on building your base fitness. Whether you have a Turbo Trainer, Static Bike (or similar) or nothing at all, there are still ways to boost your fitness for your cycling. I like to start my fitness program for the day with at least three sets of 45 second full body planks, followed by the same number of sets of Press-ups to failure and then during t