80% @ 80%

Whilst many of us have more time on our hands during the current Pandemic it's tempting to make the most of it and get lots of hard rides in, but it's also important to remember that giving your body time to recover is just as, if not more, important than the training itself.

When done right, Strenuous exercise causes micro tears in our muscles, that when we recover correctly it allows the body to repair itself and it's during this recovery time that we are actually getting fitter and stronger. This doesn't mean more time spent on the couch, you can still ride, but need to moderate the duration and/or intensity of the rides themselves. Not even the Pro's will ride hard everyday - respect yourselves, respect your body and give yourself time to recover from a hard effort.

One method of doing this is to make 80% of your rides an 'easier' effort and whether you measure your rides by power, heart rate or even perceived effort - making them 80% of max will ensure that they don't turn into a hard session. This doesn't mean that you can't have fun whilst doing so - you can still have the odd sprint or go hard on your favorite hill, but make the rest of the ride less than 80% max of which ever measure you prefer.

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