Rinse, Repeat and Relax

The last few days of the Easter Weekend have seen me start with something that I dread and have been putting off for far too long.........the dreaded Ramp Test. Let me start by explaining that the winter has, pretty much, been a training free zone - I spent a lot of time on the turbo trainer last year and was terrible at remembering to undertake a calibration on a regular basis (you know how it is, you just want to jump on and go!), so my 'understanding' of my own FTP was, well that's say, skewed and then since we moved to the rental it's been hard to get a turbo trainer set up that worked. Overall, I just got really good at making excuses not to train regularly, so I was dreading finding out my actual numbers when I did the ramp test, so much so that I had actually just set Zwift up with where I thought I was (quite low) and it turns out I was right, in fact I was only out by about 8 watts. My commitment to myself is now to a) Calibrate the turbo regularly and b) Take the ramp test at least once a month.

So, with the aim to come out of the Covid-19 lock down fitter than I went in, the following day's training consisted of something else that I'm not keen on - Hill repeats. The concept of hill repeats is quite simple - find a local hill, give it a measured effort on the way up, recover on the way down and, as the old hair commercials used to say, rinse and repeat.

All of which led me to needing to follow my own advice and get some more gentle miles in on the following day as the unseasonably pleasant weather continues and today will undoubtedly consist of more of the same.

I hope that you are all staying safe, following your government's advice and keeping active. See you all soon.

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